Daniel Rāma – Yin and Arm balancing Teacher

Daniel Rāma’s journey to yoga began with a powerlifting accident that would change his life forever. Breaking seven structurally-significant bones and tearing through connective tissues in his left foot, surgery was not an option. When told by doctors, “You will never be able to run again”, Rāma – a Health, Wellness & Fitness student – was devastated. After months spent in a darker place, he eventually found a new light – Yoga.

“With regular practice and a burning desire to better my current conditions, I soon made remarkable progress. Within six months I was able to walk completely unassisted; and in less than a year I could regularly be found running long distances.” – Daniel Rāma

After experiencing the healing power of yoga first hand, Rāma decided to see how far he could take yogic physicality and began to explore advanced asana and hand balancing.

“My recovery has been a hard journey, made easier by complete conformity to the five main aspects of yoga – proper exercises, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and meditation. I owe my mobility, and my life, to these practices. My deepest desire is to share them with others.” – Daniel Rāma

Present day, Rāma spends the majority of his time living a life of intense study and teaching at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. He leaves the ashram only on rare occasions to lead workshops, trainings and retreats in order to share his knowledge of yoga internationally.