Govinda Dev Das – Yoga Sūtra, Philosophy and anatomy Teacher

Govinda Dev Das, Jesús Qcori-Malki Mendoza Englberger…

Is a true world citizen born in Perú, educated in Germany, but raised in the Indian Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition. He travels the world teaching and inspiring by sharing his vast experience and insight into how the world can gain from the timeless knowledge available in the Vedas. His keen interest in culture, history, sociology, ecology and politics enriches his presentations giving it a practical and visionary outlook at how a better future can be shaped. He choose to enter into the life of a Brahmachary-Monk at the age of 19 spending the next 8 years studying and practicing Bhagavad Philosophy and lifestyle. His main passion since his early childhood has been the arcana process of Temple worship at which he excelled in his years as a monk.

In 2007 he started travelling with The Festival of India Summer tours by Fundacja VIVA Kultura in the Baltic sea and later Magic India Brazil Tour. There he engaged his acting, singing and dancing talents. This gave him also the chance to learn light & sound technology and stage & event management.

In the auspicious day of Janmastami, 2009 he received harinam and diksha Initiations from his Spiritual Master Srila Indradyumna Swami the founder, leader and inspiration of the Festivals of India tours.

He is also a very talented experimental artist, interpreting traditional Orissan and South Indian iconography in a unique way in paintings, tattoos and designs. Also he is experienced with wood art, carving and construction of altars and temple paraphernalia. He also loves to restore Temple Deities and has undertaken a few major projects for the Berlin and Prague Temples.

He held the position of Temple President and Head Priest at Simhachalam which is the oldest Rural Ecological Gaudiya Vaishnava Temple Community of in Germany, at the young age of 26.

Fluent in Spanish, German and English, he also converses well in Portuguese and knows basic French. This gives him experience as simultaneous interpreter between this languages.

He is generally a quiet person, however if you ask him a Question be sure he will give you a detailed and profound answer.