Jayaprada Radhika

With a 20 year background in ballet, 15 years of intensive daily Yogic practice and ten years of martial arts Jayaprada Radhika teaches from a deeply intuitive place drawing on a lifetime of body work.

Her passion is becoming the best, most empowered and highest version of oneself and being a catalyst for others to do the same.

Before developing Radhika Yoga school of Yoga and hosting over twenty successful Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats worldwide including countries Bali, Thailand and all over India she has held prestigious roles in Oceana as the leading yoga therapist for New Zealand’s Olympic athletes and ran courses for The Australian federal police. She has published written articles in Bhakti yoga magazines, Om Yoga magazine and is the Yoga ambassador and Global membership director for Food For Life Global an international initiative feeding millions of children worldwide on a daily basis.

She has a Diploma in Music (JMC, Melbourne), Raw Food certification (Seeds of life, Bali), Reiki 1,2,3 and masters levels (USUI), is a certified Instructor of Body Combat (Les Mills), Certified Ballet Teacher (R.A.D and Cechetti), Modern Dance Teacher (American Academy of modern dance, Advanced level Honours with Distinction) and is in the process of writing her first book on Yoga Therapy and the body.

Living in temples for five years and studying extensively throughout India has given her unique skills in sharing timeless Yogic wisdom in a progressive and contemporary style.

Daniel Rama

Daniel Rama’s journey to yoga began with a powerlifting accident that would change his life forever. Breaking seven structurally-significant bones and tearing through connective tissues in his left foot, surgery was not an option. When told by doctors, “You will never be able to run again”, Rama – a Health, Wellness & Fitness student – was devastated. After months spent in a darker place, he eventually found a new light – Yoga.

“With regular practice and a burning desire to better my current conditions, I soon made remarkable progress. Within six months I was able to walk completely unassisted; and in less than a year I could regularly be found running long distances.” – Daniel Rama
After experiencing the healing power of yoga first hand, Rama decided to see how far he could take yogic physicality and began to explore advanced asana and hand balancing.
“My recovery has been a hard journey, made easier by complete conformity to the five main aspects of yoga –

proper exercises, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and meditation. I owe my mobility, and my life, to these practices. My deepest desire is to share them with others.” – Daniel Rama
Present day, Rama spends the majority of his time living a life of intense study and teaching at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. He leaves the ashram only on rare occasions to lead workshops, trainings and retreats in order to share his knowledge of yoga internationally.

Govinda Dev Das

Govinda Dev Das, Jesús Qcori-Malki Mendoza Englberger

Is a true world citizen born in Perú, educated in Germany, but raised in the Indian Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition. He travels the world teaching and inspiring by sharing his vast experience and insight into how the world can gain from the timeless knowledge available in the Vedas.

His keen interest in culture, history, sociology, ecology and politics enriches his presentations giving it a practical and visionary outlook at how a better future can be shaped. He choose to enter into the life of a Brahmachary-Monk at the age of 19 spending the next 8 years studying and practicing Bhagavad / Yogic Philosophy and lifestyle. His main passion since his early childhood has been the arcana process of Temple worship at which he excelled in his years as a monk.