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YTT Jan 2016, Kerala India

Dear Radhika and Govinda! So eternally grateful for the training, it was one of the most challenging and profound months of my life. You’re such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing so much of your wisdom with us, deeply appreciated!

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YTT Sep 2016, Ubud Bali

The training was a really transforming experience! It’s amazing how we really don’t know the limits of our bodies, our minds and how much we can learn from it.

Radhika’s sweet and calming voice, her Yogi knowledge and her strong and flexible body are a unique combination of inspirational yogic wisdom to have a deep conversation with our own bodies. In the training you also delve into the reason of existence of yoga in such a depth that your actual practice takes a whole new meaning for good!

YTT Dec 2015, Himalayas India

Why should you do your teacher with Radhika rather than any other program in the world? Radhika’s personal practice stems from the most authentic and ancient lineage of Yoga. Although this may sound intimidating, she has ability to make the most difficult postures accessible to the most neophyte yogi.

Her instructions, adjustments, and methodology allows the teacher trainee to not only make progress incredibly quickly in their own development but also become exceptionally proficient in effectively sharing the same progress with others. The daily schedule is absolutely ideal! You even have access to a sincere and relatable Scholar of Vedic knowledge; this means that your intellect
will be as engaged as your physical body.

I have lived on a sailboat, made maps for the government during post-disaster operations, grown rare and exotic fruit in a tropical paradise,
and overstimulated my adrenal gland with unthinkable extreme sports feats; however, the most profound and rewarding time in this life
has been that spent in the company of Radhika and her team.

If you desire to become remarkably enthusiastic, confident, patient, disciplined, discerning, and a devoted teacher of the most genuine practice under the sun; then this is the training for you!

You will come away singing, dancing, laughing, and smiling =)

Attempting to summarize how much advancement you can make during this training is futile in words. But I will say that I have never felt more balanced, capable, and excited then after practicing regularly with Radhika. Let yourself get swept up in this magical experience, it might just be the best decision you ever made 😉 Writing from a place of the deepest gratitude, with respect for a truly great soul,
Looking forward to training with you again as soon as possible.

Celebrity Yoga Teacher Mumbai, YTT Aug/Sep 2016, Ubud Bali

I consider it to be a blessing to have experienced the RYT 200 training by two of the finest teachers I have ever seen. I went into the training assuming I would learn anatomy, the 8 limbs of yoga, become more flexible and maybe work on some advanced postures and master those inversions but instead what I gained was much more. I learnt how to penetrate through all those layers of physical practice and take the training to a deeper level of self study. Radhika was professional, thoughtful and helpful. Her teaching methods were highly valuable- everytime a student taught the class and we discussed as a group I learned something new. She created a space of comfort but challenging at the same time. From the smallest adjustments in postures to holding the stronger postures her method of teaching was extremely articulate yet gentle. Govinda went through all the theory practicum with the class and the teachings left such a big impact. Taking time to understand everyones opinions/questions yet being understanding and a Guru made me understand our purpose of life in a extremely different light. I am so grateful I chose to do the course with Radhika Yoga. Radhika and Govinda worked together so well, complimenting in each other in their style of imparting and sharing whatever they knew. I also want to highlight the kirtans and mantras we chanted along the course with Radhika – who’s voice is angelic and still resonates in my head. I have already been a practicing teacher and coming back to India all my students also tell me that my style and attitude towards teaching is much stronger.

Thank you so much Radhika & Govinda. Being a student of Radhika Yoga has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I recommend this training to everyone I know or hopefully might read this.


Anshuka Parwani

YTT March 2016, Thailand

I highly recommend Radhika’s ashtanga teacher training course to experienced yoga students wishing to deepen their yoga practice. Radhika and Govinda are wonderful teachers who build off each others strengths and compliment each other in a beautiful, holistic way. The course was everything I imagined and more! They incorporated strong asanas, strength training, yin yoga, pranayama, philosophy, methodology, anatomy and chanting which I loved.
The course taught me strength on both a physical and spiritual level, definitely next level work!!

Much love,


YTT Sep 2016, Ubud Bali

Hi Radhika

We were so lucky and I believe divinely guided to have chosen your YTT 200Hr out of all the TT I researched.

We got deconstructed and reconstructed physically, mentally, emotionally, and on a deep spiritual level! The balance of the female and male teachers working with you for our group ,so much appreciated, & in the most heavenly setting of Ubud. Govinda you made the dry subjects rock! Our questions answered with a body of Vedic scriptures and intelligence and in most cases personal knowledge with grace. Radhika the flexibility and passion of energy for the various classes you gave from a deep well of living and breathing the yoga way of life, was felt and inspired me to go deeper than I believed I could. Sometime beyond my edge!!

I have kept this brief as we are still processing and intergrating it into our everyday lives. The RAMA pranayama came in handy last week when I was in NZ. I shared this with my sister Gina when I did some classes with her. (Mum now in hospice close to passing)

I’m happy for you to edit the last paragraph as I realise it’s more personal however I thought you would appreciate how well I love the Fire and emotional realise of RAMA!

With much love and gratitude to you and Govinda

Paula and Tony

YTT April 2016, Ubud Bali

Words can’t really begin to express how wonderful Radhika is, and how inspiring, fulfilling and beautiful this training was. Radhika is a true guru – her practice is so admirable, she possesses so much knowledge of ashtanga, she’s kind, patient, tough when needed in strength/inversions, and just pushes you to be better than you are. Always smiling, approachable, warm and light – I could not have asked for a better mentor. She is a lovely person – inside and out. Her partner, Govinda, is a wealth of knowledge in philosophy, methodology, sutras and the history of ashtanga. I appreciate that Radhika catered this training to those with more rigid schedules, offering a 200 hour in 17 days. With that said, of course the training is highly intense and doesn’t offer much time off or to explore the surroundings, but that’s a given and I appreciate how well the schedule worked for cramming in so much in those short weeks. I also very much appreciated that we practiced the full ashtanga sequence everyday – it’s not common to find the entire practice offered here in the states (yet!!) Not a day goes by that I haven’t reflected on my journey with Radhika – I know that we will be forever connected and truly, I could not have imagined doing this with anyone else. I knew right away from my research that this training was the one, and it could not have proven to be more true. My practice is 10 times as strong, and I left feeling so much more confident as both a student and a teacher. I have taken so much from this training that I apply not only to my practice, but to my life. I can’t thank Radhika, Govinda and Ubud enough. My ONLY wish is that they offer a 300/500 hour in the future and perhaps (selfishly!) offer a school or program one day in NYC 🙂 So much love and gratitude – Hare Radhika!!!

YTT Aug/Sep 2016, Ubud Bali

18 days, 200 hours, 10 dedicated students and 2 inspiring, loving and oh-so-generous teachers. Last August, in the middle of beautiful Bali, under a scorching sun and after hours and hours on my yoga mat, I completed my yoga teacher training with Jayaprada Radhika. In that very moment, I felt (and still feel) blessed, complete, proud (and yet so humble!), luminous, … HAPPY! Two months later, I still don’t really know how to describe what happened there. How to convey all those emotions, all that new knowledge, all those early mornings and late nights. For a little more than two weeks, I strengthened my practice with all these magical souls, creating a new sense of who I am, of what I can give back to the world. Inspiring all of us, Radhika and Govinda were truly amazing. They are extraordinary teachers, so knowledgeable and passionate, and always, always, always ready to help. Without a doubt, this training helped me become a better yogi and gave me all the tools I needed to be more peaceful and confident. I can only hope that one day, I will be able to spread as much light around me. To my loving Ubud group and teachers, I send gratitude and love.

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Yoga Teacher Training May 2015, Kerala India.

Radhika greeted me like we were old friends, and that’s what it felt like from day one of meeting her. Radhika made sure we felt safe and sorted out healthy & delicious food for us to enjoy during our training time. We had a gorgeous apartment with views of the Arabian Sea and enjoyed the fresh breeze blowing through our practice space all day long. It was so special to be taught in a group of like minded people. Radhika was able to work with me (and the rest of the group) as an individual and help me personally work through the areas I had most difficulty with. She helped me break through my insecurities as a teacher in training which gave me much needed confidence so I could take it with me when I left. I finally can connect my body to my breath. Which I was never able to do before the training. Not only did she make me feel more confident and helped me finally connect my breath to my body but her and Govinda (our Philosophy teacher) taught the true meaning of yoga. Being able to actually understand the meaning of this powerful practice has to be, hands down, one of the most important things I have learned in my life. It was so amazing to learn the power of the breath, asanas, philosophy, mantras and sutras but even more amazing to be able to have connected with myself on a level I had never experienced before. My shavasanas were deeper and more relaxing than I had ever had, I felt uplifted during every beautiful song Radhika sang, and learned the beginnings of an ancient language I never thought I could grasp. I believe I am lucky to have learned these life long tools from Radhika Yoga and am even more blessed to now help spread the true meanings to the people I will go on to teach. I will forever be a changed person from this experience in my life.

Thank you Radhika and Govinda.

YTT Aug/Sep 2016, Ubud Bali (pictured right)

I’m a little different to some of the others that did the yoga teacher training with me. I never really had a desire to teach (public speaking always sended shivers up my back) and I was not planning to do the course for a long time. I do yoga. I’m 38, a late starter, multiple physical ailments and not the ideal candidate on paper. However, I LOVE yoga and I ❤️ adventure so I decided I would do a course to learn more and for my own self improvement. I found Radhika’s ytt on google and booked that day for three weeks later. This lack of planning and lack of stretch in my hamstrings could have led to a disaster but instead it led to something AMAZING! I had one of the most amazing few weeks ever. My yoga progressed, I learnt more than I could have imagined, I’ve made friend for life, I’ve discovered a confidence in standing up in front of people and most importantly, I feel like I have brought home a new serenity in myself that is invaluable. If you are undecided… just do it. Read this and other reviews and get on the internet and book. Radhika’s physical abilities are phenomenal and she is stunning inside and out but don’t let that intimidate you. You don’t need to be able to tie yourself in a knot to do this course. You just need to be open, determined and positive. The benefits are innumerable and it is a once in a lifetime experience. Namaste xx

YTT Sep 2016, Ubud Bali (pictured in middle)

I was fortunate enough to join the Radhika Yoga 200 hour teacher training in September 2016. I already had large hopes for my experience during the training yet it far exceeded these beyond any of my expectations. Radhika and Govinda’s teachings of yoga and philosophy were delivered from a place true knowledge, undeniable passion, love and personal experience. I felt we were given very strong foundations to begin our teaching journey back home. I built really beautiful relationships in this intimate setting which will last a lifetime. I would highly recommend this life changing course.

Much love x

YTT Aug/Sep 2016, Ubud Bali

Radhika Yoga Teacher Training was a transformational experience. On and off the mat the training was felt in everything we did whether it be: yoga/strength classes, philosophy lectures, chanting mantras, exploring on days off, or just going through it all with everyone who was a part of the program.

We were encouraged to use mantras as well as pranayama exercises to help us remove the veil of illusions that have been imposed on us by the material world. We learned how, and often meditated on ideas that: through yoga, meditation and pranayama, this veil can be lifted and we can concentrate on our true selves. These are things I have carried on with me in my practice since the training. I have Radhika and Govinda to thank for so many aspects of my changed yoga practice.

Our ashtanga practices in the training were intense but more rewarding than I can find words for. I have grown to love this type of yoga so much from my experience in this training and always find myself thinking of the little jokes and tricks we came up with in different poses or at different times throughout these classes when I now practice on my own. Radhika is empowering, nurturing, and so supportive both on and off the mat. As a teacher, she pushed me to my edge in ways I hadn’t allowed myself to before. I found myself saying “you know my body better than I do!” more than once with her adjustments! Radhika is also an incredible inspiration in this practice. Having her at the front of the room or taking part as a student, while one of the trainees would be teaching, was beyond motivational. She is an incredible yogini!

Vedic philosophy with Govinda was another period of the day that was educational and also inspirational! Everything we learned was quite fascinating and not only changed my perspective on many things in life but also gave me many tools to my own life and relations. Mantras were a big part of our training, in many forms: the opening/closing mantras of our Ashtanga practices, hearing the stories from Govinda and practicing them as a group, or Radhika singing in savasana. I have been so happy to have learned these sacred mantras and be able to include them in my home practice and classes I teach.

Radhika Yoga Teacher Training is an intense, yet incredibly rewarding program. I can truly say I progressed in my practice so much in those 17 days and I have never felt stronger! Both Radhika and Govinda are absolutely wonderful teachers and people, I am so thankful to have crossed paths with them and their training. I have so much love and gratitude for these two and everything they have instilled in my growing practice and myself. Radhika has been an on-going support and friend throughout and since the training; there couldn’t be another teacher better suited for my practice and my path right now.

All my love,

Meggie Hadfield

YTT Jan 2016, Kerala India

The experience of training with Radhika and Govinda has left me inspired and energised! With strong daily physical practice paired with Govindas deep philosophical teachings and joyful afternoon mantra sessions. Without doubt the training was physically and mentally challenging, everything I hoped it would be! Radhika’s approach gave me the abilty to find my own voice, teaching style and beliefs. I loved the location of Kovalam beach allowing me to regularly connect with the ocean. I would recommend Radhika Yoga if you are looking for a deep and intensive experience to truly evolve yourself and your ability to share with others.

YTT Dec 2015 Himalayas India

I thoroughly enjoyed Radhika Yoga’s Teacher Training. Radhika’s knowledge and expertise in Astanga yoga and inversions is extensive and humbling, and my Asana practice progressed immensely over the course of 3 weeks. Govinda’s knowledge of yoga philosophy was equally impressive, teaching me an immense amount every day. Thank you for everything, Radhika and Govinda – you both have an amazing energy, and I feel immeasurably blessed to have connected with each of you.

YTT April 2015, Rishikesh India

I feel really blessed after this amazing YTT! It’s a special opportunity to fully immerse yourself in pure connection with soul and awakens you to your powerful purpose in relationship with the divine which has been empowering in indescribeable ways. Her way to teach is so compassionate and full of knowledge and love! After the training I felt really stable in my practice and couldn’t wait to start teaching!! She taught me how to be stronger both physically, emotionally and spiritually! My ideas about my life are more clear now, and thanks to her teaching, through the love and devotion shared through her are transmitted and deepened within me. I now feel a much stronger connection to the source of existence, to God. Not just the practice of yoga but also learning the depth of this knowledge shared from the vedic conclusions I.e the whole essence and very meaning of yoga has changed my whole life journey. This knowledge and the essence of this amazing art deepened the connection to myself, my purpose and my heart!

YTT Jan 2016, Kerala India

Wow, what an experience. The Radhika/Govinda dream team swept me off my feet…literally and metaphorically 🙂 The teams passion for all aspects of Yoga is an inspiration, both a fountain of knowledge in their own right, drawing constantly on their own vast and varied experiences to teach above and beyond what’s expected of a 200 YTT

YTT April 2015, Rishikesh India

I have just completed my Teacher Training with Radhika, from Radhika Yoga and it has been such a magical experience. I would highly recommend attending one of the many future programmes coming up. Now I highly recommend these courses, for not only developing strength in your asanas through daily Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, but more ‘importantly’ learning the ancient philosophy of Yoga and the Vedas, which is missing in other regular Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as being in stunning India, where the spiritual heart of yoga and beyond was established.”

YTT April 2015, Rishikesh India

This was the best yoga teacher training i have ever done in my life. I fully loved all of it and the heart of the course is full of love bhakti, bliss, ananda. I would recommend this training to any one who really wants to gain the true meaning out of yoga. This teacher training will give you that. It filled me to the top with knowledge of yoga that is not taught anywhere else.

YTT Jan 2016, Kerala India

My experience during Radhika Yoga teacher training is truly beyond words. Incredible teachers filled with so much wisdom and light. From asanas to pranayama to philosophy and kirtan. It was a month of massive growth and purification, plus the location in the Arabian Sea was such bliss. I highly recommend this training to anyone who is truly interested in the meaning of Yoga as a self realization tool and way of truly being alive in this human experience.”

Melbourne Yoga Student at 'Yoga Tree' 2014

Dear Radhika, you have given me such a beautiful gift that can be felt in my heart, and that I had been asking for. I’m so grateful to have met you and blessed by your openness and kindness. May you continue to blossom and touch peoples hearts on your travels. Lots of love and kindness

YTT Feb 2015, Vrindavan India

I really loved the course and your commitment! I thank you guys so much again, I really love you both so much. It was a great structure and I also really appreciated discussing the sutras and philosophy with Govinda.

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South Melbourne Yoga student at ‘Recreation Gym’, 2014

I simply enjoy classes with Jayaprada Radhika. Her classes are such a positive experience with yoga. I feel positive and encouraged throughout the classes and she has renewed my enthusiasm to continue with my yoga practice, thank you Radhika!

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South Melbourne Yoga Student at 'Recreation Gym', 2014

When Radhika teaches, the class is transported far away from the clutter and frenzy of modern life to a place of calm and heightened breath with much greater posture awareness and alignment. She comes from another world. Her poses are unbelievable, she is a wonderful teacher and a delight. And at the end of class and Radhika sings to us, we see colours, distant villages and snow capped mountains and we leave the class feeling aligned and at peace.

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Radhika always teaches us amazing classes at Yoga Tree. Her classes are energising and infused with the deeper aspects of yoga making it feel authentic like no other I’ve experienced! Every time I join her class I gain more knowledge aswell as mental / physical strength (which I feel she gives me!), and her insights make me feel more equipped with alignment, breath and spiritually in approaching future yoga practice. I strongly recommend her fantastic yoga classes to anyone/everyone!

Her angelic voice and chanting always sooth my body and soul.
I greatly appreciate her time, help and guidance.
Domo Arigato