Programme Content overview

Traditional fire Ceremonies to open and close the Trainings to envoke auspiciousness.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Series one intensives Daily
States of conciousness and meditation
Inversion / Handstand / strength workshop five days per week
Yin Yoga
Power Vinyasa sequencing
Yoga sutras – Aphorisms of Patanjali
Principles of Yoga therapy and healing
The theory of Karma and freedom (Bhagavad)
Advanced breath/ pranayama practices
Blockage Release work / practice and understanding.
Devolution of elements according to Samkhya philosophy
Yoga as therapy (benefits, contra~indications and therapeutic use of asanas).
Sattvic living
Yogic diet
Heating, cooling & balancing pranayama techniques
Different pranas and their functions
Chakras / Nadis and correct flow of Prana
Teaching Practicums
Philosophy (Bhagavad)

Essential human physiology
Functional Human Anatomy
Different paths of Yoga:
Jnana Yoga
Karma Yoga
Bhakti Yoga (Bhagavad conclusion/ “Essence” of the Yogic / Vedic system)
Koshas / Pranic bodies
Food and Prana
Phychical energy centers and function of Prana
Regulation and rebalancing of prana
Illness and elemental imbalance
Prana and higher evolution
Respiratory system and its functions
The power of Mantra
Teaching Skills, marketing workshops
Kirtan / sound healing
Self Mastery
Nature of mind
Debunking Yogic myths

Radhika and Govinda are your lead teachers who bring well over 30 years experience between them and together they have hosted 20 Yoga Teacher Trainings and two retreats over the last three years in Koh Chang Thailand, Ubud Bali and throughout India in Rajasthan, The Himalayas, Kerala & Vrindavan. Trainees from all over the globe attest to the perfect compliment they are to each other in providing deeply transformative and unique programmes with an edge. You will also have the beauty of learning from exemplary guest teachers dependent on location. Read on to see what makes this Immersion different to the rest!

A Deeper Look

Firstly what sets this programme apart from others is the depth of vedantic conclusions that are explored and Inversion based vinyasa. The body of the Vedas/Yogic knowledge is huge and what is often missed is its very essence. During the course of this programme you will learn what the whole body of Yogic wisdom / Vedanta is trying to say and this knowledge will forever leave you changed.

We incorporate inversions, namely handstands as transitions throughout the entire 3hr morning practice. Do not let this daunt you for you are lead in such a way that this has proved suitable for all levels and ages throughout all of our many programmes worldwide. You are supported in such a way as to assist your personal optimum growth in a grounded way no matter what level of practice you are at and the aim of placing these transitions is primarily as a tool for breath access as opposed to gymnastics which you will leant more about.

Methodology consists of being introduced to the healing, therapeutic and beneficial effects of asana, which will enable you to create therapeutic sequences for others. You will also learn creative sequencing for power vinyasa, gentle flows and yin yoga with the essential skills necessary to be able to develop unique classes, that will help you address and support people at varying levels within their practice. You will graduate with a strong understanding on optimum breath and alignment to ground you in solid understanding and experience of Yogic energetics.

The practical experience you gain daily teaching in workshops and class settings, as well as being assisted with developing many aspects of your unique voice as a teacher, guide and powerful source of healing in the world, will equip you with the skills that enable, encourage and inspire others.